TE Tips: Budgeting Mental Energy

Mental Energy

As we continue with our five part series on budgeting, this week we will look at budgeting mental energy.  I know this is a big one.  It can be difficult to manage your mental energy effectively when you have so many irons in the fire.

You may be dividing your mental energy between:

Your job
Your spouse
Your children
Community or church activities
Maintaining your home
Your business
A number of other activities

Do your best to compartmentalize your thinking.  Try to concentrate fully on the activity or task you are engaged in at the time.  When you are working on your business, give it your complete attention [...]

New Year’s Resolutions


The New Year is almost upon us and that means New Year’s Resolutions.  I have never been a big person for New Year’s Resolutions but I know that many people use the start of the year as a time to set new goals.  As an educator I understand that you are probably sick to death of goals, objectives, outcomes, SLO’s and any other term for goals thrust upon you by some bureaucracy.
In light of that I will not offer any suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions.  I will simply offer an article that offers some suggested Resolutions for small businesses.  [...]

TE Tips: Budgeting Materials

Budgeting Materials

As we continue with our five part series on budgeting, this week we will look at budgeting materials.

Unless you are in an information business you probably have materials that you need to manage.  I would suggest managing them as strictly as your building manages its copy paper!  Find ways to reduce reuse and recycle.

One summer, while painting rental properties I ended up with three different shades of beige paint left over.  Rather than have three partial buckets of paint I couldn’t use, I combined them all and created a new shade of beige.  After all, beige is beige.  I [...]

Teacher Entrepreneurs in the Shark Tank

Teacher Entrepreneurs in the Shark Tank

“Throwing Teachers into the Shark Tank” is a cool article on CNN.com about Teacher Entrepreneurs that have developed businesses to help Teachers in their classrooms.  The first business they profile is Fantasy Geopolitics.  It is like a fantasy football league, but instead of drafting players students draft countries.

According to FantasyGeopolitics.com “Students draft teams of countries, become more aware, and automatically score points every time their countries are mentioned in the New York Times or make moves on the "Goldstein" scale using GDELT data.

FGP involves and engages students in the study of how politics, geography, humans, economics, and foreign policy interact. Click on [...]

TE Tips: Budgeting Money

Budgeting Money

This is the second part in a five part series on budgeting.  This week our tip is about budgeting money.

Money management is a large topic.  I won’t go into much detail here, as many of books have been written on the subject.  I will say that I would recommend developing both a personal and business budget.

A good budget should include a savings plan.  Make sure you have some money set aside for unexpected expenses.  Many financial planners suggest you have three to six months’ worth of expenses set aside for emergencies.  This may seem like a daunting task, but [...]

You’re “Just a Teacher!”

 You're "Just a Teacher."

Just a Teacher!  You’re “Just a Teacher!”  Teaching is one of the most noble professions on earth and one in which you have the ability to influence countless lives!  I realize I am biased because I am a Teacher, but few things get me more fired up than someone who says “I’m just a Teacher!”  Forgive my rant, it was inspired by an article I read this past week about a Teacher Entrepreneur.  He said he has a hard time viewing himself as an Entrepreneur, and implied he was “just a Teacher.”

I have heard far too many [...]

TE Tips: Budgeting Time

TE Tips

Be a Budgeter!

The next five weeks on TE Tips we are going to be taking a look at budgeting.   When I mention budgeting many of you probably yawn, some may scream and others run away.  If you are going to be a successful Teacher Entrepreneur you will need to be good at budgeting.  Most people relate budgeting to money, but you need to be able to budget many things as a Teacher Entrepreneur.  In the next several weeks we will discuss a number of resources that you should be budgeting.


Your time is limited.  You have a demanding career, a [...]

The Top 10 e-Commerce Site Builders

The Top 10 E-Commerce Site Builders

While many Teacher Owned Businesses focus on the sale of traditional products or services, there are some Teacher Entrepreneurs that are venturing into the online world of eCommerce.  An online store can be a great way to earn some additional income.  An eCommerce site may be an excellent fit Teacher Entrepreneurs because it can be run from almost anywhere, keeps overhead low and may not require any inventory.

Another advantage of an online store is that it is open 24 hours a day.  An E-Commerce site could make you money during the day while you are [...]

TE Tips: Time Management

Welcome to the First Edition of TE Tips.  The tips for this week are on time management.  If there is one thing that Teacher Entrepreneurs never have enough of, it is time.  Following are three quick strategies that I hope can help you manage your time more effectively.

Create a Daily Plan

Recently I had been feeling less organized than usual so I decided to re-examine my time management strategies.  I realized that I had quit creating a daily plan.  I used to write the daily tasks I wanted to complete on a Post It Note and keep it on my desk [...]