TE Tips: How To Make Greater Progress


Progress Begets Progress
Have you ever wanted to make greater progress on a project, a job or a skill?  Me too!  Ironically, it seems the best way to make progress is to make progress.  This is one of my main take aways from the book Making Ideas Happen.  By making progress we:

Build momentum
Refine ideas
Clarify thinking
Achieve insights
Gain traction
Gain confidence
Achieve milestones

Each of the things on this list can energize us and promote more progress.  Progress is like pushing a snowball down a hill.  It starts small, then builds and builds and builds.  The key is to keep pushing the snowball when it is small.  [...]


I need to start today’s post with an apology.  As I was looking back over my, week I noticed that I never uploaded Tuesday’s post to my blog page.  I created it and posted it to my social media, but I didn’t put it up on my site.  If you were looking for this week’s edition TE Tips on my blog page I apologize for the oversight. It is there now.   http://teacherentrepreneur.com/tuesday-te-tips-take-action/

Ironically the TE Tips for this week were about Action and Execution.  I nailed it on the action!  I created the post.  Not so much on the Execution. :(

Now [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: JLove Calderon of JLoveCalderon.com

Today's Teacher Entrepreneur profile is a little different.  It is the same content and questions you have come to expect but today's profile is a video interview instead of a transcript of the interview.  I recently met JLove Calderon at a business development conference.  She has a great story and is working passionately to change the world.  JLove is an activist, author, and conscious media maker who has spent over two decades working on issues of social justice, race, and gender.  

I want to move toward developing more video content for my site and JLove she encouraged me to do [...]

TE Tips: Take Action!

Take Action and Execute.  Two keys to success.  As we continue our series on Getting Started with Tips from Scott Belsky’s book Making Ideas Happen.  This week we’ll look at action and execution.
Take Action
Have you ever had a great idea for a project but you didn’t know where to start?  Belsky says the “best way to test an idea is to take action – this will allow you to see more quickly if you are on the right path?”  It sounds simple but the first thing you need to do to get started is to get started!  You can always [...]

Do You Have a Good System?

Creating Systems
According to Michael Gerber author of The E Myth “Everything is a system.”  If everything is a system, we had better understand systems!  As you’ll recall from this week's Tuesday TE Tips we created a simple system for getting things done.  Our system consisted of the following parts:

Identify 3 tasks that need to be completed
Write them on a Post It note
Complete the task
Cross it off the post it note

Tuesday’s post also shared the advantages of systems http://teacherentrepreneur.com/tuesday-te-tips-be-proactive/ so I won’t get into them here.  As you start your business you will have an increased need for systems.  You [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Tony Santoro of Enderly Coffee

This week’s Teacher Entrepreneur Profile is Tony Santoro of Enderly Coffee  http://enderlycoffee.com/ .I was introduced to Tony by Josh Waldron of Studio JWAL http://studiojwal.com/ .Tony and his wife Becky are the owners of Enderly Coffee.  They are both former Teachers who believe strongly in giving back to their community.  A portion of all their sales goes toward community development in their Charlotte Neighborhood of Enderly Park.

CS:       What is the name of your business and where is it located?

TS:       The name of our business is Enderly Coffee and we are located in Charlotte, NC

CS:       How long have you been an [...]

Is That Important?

Urgent vs Important
This week’s Tuesday TE Tips included a tip about priorities.  As you consider your priorities, you need to have a way to decide which priorities should rank highest on your list.  Former President Dwight Eisenhower was famous for the saying, “What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.”  You want to focus on the things that are truly important.

In his book First Things First, Stephen Covey talks about the difference between Important and Urgent activities.  We often get caught up in the urgent activities because their pressing nature makes them seem important.  By [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Barb Gressley of Barb’s Country Cupcakes

This week's profile is Barb Gressley of Barb's Country Cupcakes.  Barb is a part of our Support Staff Owned Business Directory. I met Barb years ago when she hosted a New Year's Eve party for the staff of my wife's school.  Barb is a committed educator and is passionate about serving her customer's the best cupcake of their lives.

CS:       What is the name of your business and where is it located?

BG:      My business is called Barb’s Country Cupcakes and I am a home based vendor located near Huntington, Indiana.

CS:       How long have you been an educator, and what positions [...]

TE Tips: Getting Started on Your New Business


Getting Started On Your New Business
Our theme for this month is “Getting Started” so it seems appropriate to share some tips from Scott Belsky’s book Making Ideas Happen http://99u.com/book/making-ideas-happen-2.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone that has an idea they want to make a reality.  I believe these tips will help you move your business from the idea to the implementation stage.
Develop a Tolerance for Amibiguity
Learning to “tolerate ambiguity” may seem like a strange idea but the reality is that there are many unknowns when you start a new business.  Unless you have started a new business before, [...]

Getting Started

Getting Started
As Mark Twain once said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”  If you are going to start a small business the first thing you have to do is overcome your fear.  You may be thinking things like:

I’m a teacher
I don’t have any business training
I’m not a risk taker
I don’t know how to run a business

These are all irrational fears based on negative self-talk.  It may be true that you don’t have formal business training but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.  You are a professional educator.  You can learn the skills you need to be successful.  [...]