Don’t Be A Sheep: Your 403b Is Not Enough!

Don't Be A Sheep: Your 403b Is Not Enough
Don’t be a sheep.  Don’t buy into the idea that a 403b that will take care of you in retirement.  If you’ve been diligently putting money into your account you’ll have your nest egg, but it may not be worth what you think.  If you paid any attention to the stock market over the last 30 days you know it has been a rocky road.  At one point the Dow was down more than 13.5%.  Think about that!  If you had $200,000 in your 403b, your account lost about $27,000!  I don’t [...]

TE Tips: Three Simple Steps to Achieving Your Dream

Three Simple Steps to Achieving Your Dream
“It’s more important to grow your income than cut your expenses.  It’s more important to grow your spirit that cut your dreams.” – Robert Kiyosaki

How many times this week will you encourage others to dream?  How much time will you spend this week pursuing your own dreams?  Maybe your dreams are financial, maybe you want to travel or learn another language.  I would encourage you to take a step toward those dreams TODAY.  Don’t let another year go by where you encourage everyone else to pursue their dreams while you put off yours.

Decide today [...]

My Teacher Friend…The Honeymoon is Over

In our area school has been in session for about two weeks now.  As I talk to teachers it sounds like the honeymoon is over.  I chose today's post to share a dozen of my favorite quotes about teachers and education.  I hope some inspire you and others just make you smile.  Thank you for giving of yourself to better our students, our communities and our nation! You are a true hero!

“Ask yourself: 'Do I feel the need to laminate?' Then teaching is for you.”  Gordon Korman

"I recently asked a student where his homework was. He replied, “It’s still in [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Walter Duncan of Quick Key App

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Walter Duncan of Quick Key App

This week’s Teacher Entrepreneur profile is Walter Duncan of Quick Key App.  I reached out to Walter after learning about Quick Key App online.  Walter is a committed educator whose app touches countless classrooms across North America!

CS:       What is the name of your business and where is it located?

WD:     My business is called Quick Key App and I am located in Boston, MA.

CS:       How long have you been an educator, and what positions have you held?

WD:     I spent 15 years in the classroom and I am a certified English/Language Arts [...]

TE Tips: Take Time for Renewal

Take Time for Renewal
Today I want to share a quote that I came across recently that seems appropriate for back to school.

"Without time for recovery, our lives become a blur of doing unbalanced by much opportunity for being."

The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr, Tony Schwartz

As an educator you are a giver.  You are great at giving to others, but you don’t always take the time to give to yourself.  Teaching is a great profession, but it is one that requires a lot of you, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Without renewal/recovery eventually the well will run dry.

How many times [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Maria Hallman of Thirty-One Gifts

Maria Hallman of Thirty-One Gifts
This week’s Teacher Entrepreneur profile is Maria Hallman of Thirty-One Gifts  I first met Maria when I  did my student teaching in the P.E. Department at the same school as her mom.  Maria was one of those fortunate kids who was able to attend the school where her parent worked.  Maria is a great educator with a heart for service.  That heart is what has allowed her to grow her business in a relatively short period of time.
CS:       What is the name of your business and where is it located?

MH:     I’m a Consultant for Thirty-One [...]

TE Tips: Feedback Please

Feedback Please
This week’s TE Tip is a little different.  I am hoping that you can give me some tips that will make the blog more useful and more helpful to you.  I have considered creating more video content and moving away from written posts.

My perception is that it would be easier for you to watch a short video than read the blog posts.  I may be wrong.  That is why I am seeking your feedback.

Would you prefer the majority of posts to be video content?  Instead of written TE Tips would it be easier if I created a short 30 [...]

Benefits of Small Business Ownership

How are you feeling about the start of a new school year?  Are you excited or are you dreading it.  Unfortunately, too many teachers that I know are dreading it.  As you return to school I want you to consider your current level of satisfaction with your life.  How could it be improved?  What would you do differently?  What factors can you control to help you get the most out of life?

If you are not currently a Teacher Entrepreneur, have you seriously considered starting a small business?  Have you considered the ways small business ownership could contribute to your life?

Take [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Craig Esbeck of Mango Tree

Craig Esbeck of Mango Tree

Today’s Teacher Entrepreneur Profile is Craig Esbeck of Mango Tree.  I met Craig when he contacted me through the site.  He has a fascinating story of how he built a business around his passion in a country half a world away.

CS:       What is the name of your business and where is it located?

CE:      My business is called Mango Tree.  It is based in Campala, Uganda with offices in Northern Uganda and one in Southern Sudan.

CS:       How long have you been an educator, and what positions have you held?

CE:      I started teaching in 1986.  I was [...]

TE Tips: Play to Your Strengths

We all have strengths and weaknesses.  Conventional wisdom says to work on your weaknesses.  There is growing sentiment that says working on your weaknesses may be bad advice.  If you look at people who are very successful in almost any walk of life, they have usually achieved great success by focusing on their strengths.

According to Tim Ferriss of The Four Hour Workweek “what’s important is multiplying and leveraging your strengths as opposed to trying to fix every single one of your weaknesses.”

Take a few moments, sit down and write out your strengths.  Are you good at:

Creative thinking
Working with numbers

Look at [...]