Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Sandi Masori of Balloon Utopia

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Sandi Masori of Balloon Utopia
Today's Teacher Entrepreneur Profile is balloon artist and educator Sandi Masori.  Check out the interview to find out how Sandi went from being a first grade Teacher to being America's Top Balloon Expert making over 60 television appearances, including The Today Show.  Be sure to check out her website


TE Tips: Time Management Tips That Work

Time is the most elusive commodity for the Teacher Entrepreneur.  It seems everyone is in need of more of it.  While I can’t promise you more, I can refer you to an article that may help you maximize your time and consider it in a way that can reduce your stress.

There were three key thoughts in the article that I believe could make a difference, not only in time management but in stress management.

Schedule time for interruptions
Interruptions are going to happen.  If you have time built in for them you are less likely to get behind schedule and increase your [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Teresa Crow of Imagineinglass.com

This week's Teacher Entrepreneur Profile is Teresa Crow of Imagineinglass.com.  Teresa is a long time educator who has turned her love for stained glass into a significant enterprise.  Check out the video as she shares her experiences in education and as an entrepreneur.  Be sure to check out her website.




TE Tips: Be a Fred

I just finished reading the book The Fred Factor.  The book is about how you can improve yourself and your world.  Author Mark Sanborn opens the book talking about how he first met Fred and what an exceptional job he does of carrying out his duties as a mail carrier.  Fred takes special pride in his work and strives to improve the lives of all his customers.  He does this by embodying the following principles.

Everyone makes a difference
Success is built on relationships
Create value for others
You can reinvent yourself

Sanborn talks about the impact that Fred had on his life and then [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Julie Rupp of ACN

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Julie Rupp of ACN
Today's Teacher Entrepreneur Profile is Julie Rupp.  Julie spent several years as a music teacher before she joined ACN to start growing her own online business.  In this conversation she shares her experiences in education and business.  You can find out more about her business on her website.

TE Tips: Lessons From The Iditarod

Lessons From The Iditarod

Recently I had the privilege of travelling with my family to Alaska to see the start of the Iditarod.  If you aren’t familiar with the Iditarod, it is promoted as “The Last Great Race.”  It is a dogsled race of almost 1,100 miles across the wilderness of Alaska.  Both of my children have studied the race at school and my wife and I thought it would be fun to give them the opportunity to experience it firsthand.

While I was watching the start of the race it occurred to me that there were many similarities between the journey [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Winter Recap

Today we are taking a break from our regular Teacher Entrepreneur Profiles to give you a chance to catch up on any Profiles that you've missed in the last few months.  The Profiles below are some of the most popular we've ever had.  They appear below in the chronological order in which they were published.  The two posts at the bottom are Skype interviews, the rest are in written format.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you or someone you know wants to be featured on an upcoming Teacher Entrepreneur Profile please contact me at Craig@TeacherEntrepreneur.com.

Vicky Platt of Norwex and [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Adam Drummond of Drummond Educational Innovations

Today's Teacher Entrepreneur Profile is Dr. Adam Drummond of Drummond Educational Innovations.  Prior to launching his Consulting Business Adam was named Indiana Association of School Principals’ Region 3 Elementary School Principal of the Year.  In our interview Adam talks about his experiences as an educator and how they have shaped his vision as an entrepreneur.