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Teachers & School Support Staff

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Become a member of our site. Membership is available to current and former teachers and school support staff.  Membership is free. We are using the term “teacher” in a broad sense.  It includes:

  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Central office staff etc.

Anyone who has held a teaching license is eligible.  School support staff are also eligible.  We want registration to be as easy as possible but we do need to be able to verify that you have been a licensed educator or school support staff member. Once you have obtained membership, you will have admission to the member’s areas which includes access to

  • Our National Directory of Teacher Owned Businesses
  • Our National Directory of Support Staff Owned Businesses
  • Our National Directory of Professional and Financial Services Businesses
  • Resources and Articles for Teacher Entrepreneurs

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Business Membership is perfect for Teacher Entrepreneurs that have a business they want to promote.  Regularly priced at $10 per month, this membership gives you all the access of a free membership, PLUS it allows you to list your business in our National Directory of Teacher Owned Businesses or National Directory of Support Staff Owned Businesses. For a limited time, we are offering Business Membership for FREE to all teachers and School Support Staff. Where else can you advertise your business to honest, credible, low hassle customers like this and also know that you are helping fellow educators?

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Professional & Financial Services

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Business Membership - FREE for a limited time

Joining our Directory should help you in a couple of different ways.  It should provide you access to high quality new clients and also enable you to feel like you are making a difference in our nation and your community by serving educational professionals. According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are over 7 million teachers in the United States.  These 7 million people are in need of mortgages, insurance, financial planning, life planning, estate planning, real estate services, etc.  Many of them are small business owners in addition to being educators.  That means that they may need business services in addition to the personal services that they require.  Teachers are generally great clients as they are traditionally a conservative group, that is responsible and fulfills their obligations. Regularly priced at $25 per month, this membership will allow you to list your business or service in our Professional and Financial Services Directory. For a limited time, we are offering Business Membership for FREE to all professional and financial services. There are few other places that you can advertise to such a large and dependable client base like this.

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