TE Tips: An LLC is Easy To Form

TE Tips: An LLC is Easy To Form

Too many Teacher Entrepreneurs risk their personal assets by not forming a business entity.  A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a great entity for most Teacher Owned Businesses and it takes only a few minutes and a little planning to form.   The info below is needed to form an LLC in Indiana.  I chose Indiana because it is my home state and I have been through the process several times.  The process is similar in most other states.  For more specific info on filing an LLC in your state, see your state’s Secretary [...]

TE Tips: Remember the Iceberg Principle

TE Tips: Remember the Iceberg Principle

Welcome to a new school year.  This summer I took a bit of a hiatus from my blog.  The truth is, I was getting a little frustrated with this blogging thing.  Sometimes I seems like I am just talking to myself.  I needed to be reminded about the Iceberg Principle.  My most loyal readers (okay, my mom) noticed that many of my posts this summer were actually re-posts of previous content.  In one of my last posts before my break I mentioned I was reading The Excellence Habit.  This is an excellent book and I [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Fred Fields of Coach’s Angle Charters

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Fred Fields of Coach's Angle Charters

This week’s Teacher Entrepreneur profile is Fred Fields of Coach’s Angle Charters www.coachscharters.com.  Fred was a career educator and outstanding basketball coach.  During his 10 year tenure at Huntington North High School in Huntington, IN he led the Lady Vikings to two State Championships, three State Finals appearances, six regional championships & 10 sectional championships!  He was inducted into Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011 for coaching.

CS:       What is the name of your business and where is it located?

FF:       My business is called Coach’s Angle Charters.  I’m a fishing guide in [...]

Email Whitelisting

Email Whitelisting
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Spam has become a big problem. [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Steve Gillis of TeachOnlineLikeAPro.com

Great interview with Teacher Entrepreneur Steve Gillis of TeachOnlineLikeAPro.com. Steve has a Master's Degree in distance education and is an excellent resource for anyone looking to cash in on the lucrative online learning market. Steve is a long time Teacher Entrepreneur and has some great advice.  Check out the interview below.

TE Tips: Be a Fred

I just finished reading the book The Fred Factor.  The book is about how you can improve yourself and your world.  Author Mark Sanborn opens the book talking about how he first met Fred and what an exceptional job he does of carrying out his duties as a mail carrier.  Fred takes special pride in his work and strives to improve the lives of all his customers.  He does this by embodying the following principles.

Everyone makes a difference
Success is built on relationships
Create value for others
You can reinvent yourself

Sanborn talks about the impact that Fred had on his life and then [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Mike Rowley of Mike’s Tree Service

This week’s Teacher Entrepreneur profile is Mike Rowley of Mike’s Tree Service http://mikestreecare.com/ .  I met Mike several years ago when I needed some tree work done at a rental property.  In addition to being a “professional climber” Mike is also Associate Professor of Communication/Department Chair at Huntington University.  Mike is a great guy with a unique perspective on his business and the role it plays in his life.  I think you’ll enjoy the interview.

CS:       How long have you been an educator, and what positions have you held?

MR:     I have been teaching Higher Ed for 25 years.  I started [...]

Say No To Latte and Yes To Being Rich!

Say No To Latte and Yes To Being Rich!

In one of his best selling books from the early 2000's David Bach laid out a plan for how you could become an “Automatic Millionaire.”  The tip that I want to focus on today is what Bach calls the "latte factor."  The “latte factor" refers to small expenditures you make on a regular basis that really add up, such as buying a latte or coffee on the way to work each morning.  You think it’s only pocket change, but it adds up.  If you spend $4.00 per day on a "latte” or fast [...]

TE Tips. You Could Become a Millionaire!

How’s that for a TE Tip!  That’s right, you could become a millionaire!  I know your immediate response is no, but wait…hear me out.  I know a lot of Teachers think they could never be a millionaire but I know some that are, and you could be one too…if you play your cards right!

Years ago I read the book The Millionaire Next Door.  Recently as I was preparing for a presentation the book came to mind.   Let me share a little info from the book before you completely discount the idea that you could someday be a millionaire.  I think [...]

TE Tips: Be Thankful

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  Okay, so I’m a day late.  Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving.  My point is that we have much to be Thankful for.  I love Thanksgiving for a lot of reasons but especially because it gives me the opportunity to pause and think about all the things I am thankful for.  I also love it because our family gets to celebrate it two times every year.  We celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving (the second Monday in October and yes, it’s the same thing with the Turkey and Pumpkin Pie) with my family in October and American Thanksgiving with my wife’s family [...]