TE Tips: Understand The Downside

TE Tips: Understand The Downside

Today I have the unenviable task of evicting a family from their home.  This is the downside of being in the rental business.  In any business, there will be tasks you don't want to do, but often your ability to perform those tasks will determine the success of your business.  I'm not looking forward to going to court this morning, but I entered into a contract with another party and I have fulfilled my obligations...they have not.  I could continue to allow them to live in our unit for free, but that would be counter-productive to [...]

TE Tips: Help Needed!


You know that I have been working on building a national directory of Teacher Owned Businesses.  It’s my vision to create a directory that can be used by all educators to support Teacher Entrepreneurs.  Currently there are 52 businesses from 12 states in the Directory.  It is my vision to have at least 100 Teacher Owned Businesses from every state in the Directory.  Obviously this is a large undertaking for one person.  That's where you come in.  If you know of a Teacher that has a business that could be included in the Directory I'd love to hear from [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Spring Recap

Today we are taking a break from our regular Teacher Entrepreneur Profiles to give you a chance to catch up on any Profiles that you've missed in the last few months.  The Profiles below are some of the most popular we've ever had.  I hope you enjoy them.

If you or someone you know wants to be featured on an upcoming Teacher Entrepreneur Profile please contact me at Craig@TeacherEntrepreneur.com.

Julie Rupp of ACN - Julie spent several years as a music teacher before she joined ACN to start growing her own online business.  In this conversation she shares her experiences in education and business. [...]

Guest Post: What It’s Like To Be Married To A Teacher Entrepreneur

Today's post is a guest post from my wife Lindsay.

I have been asked, “What's it like to be married to a Teacher Entrepreneur?” I was trying to capture the experience with a word, so I thought back to early in our marriage when Craig was emerging as an entrepreneur.

Craig’s mind is always working.  He is questioning constantly and on a quest to learn more.  Our conversations would always start out normal, but then before long I would be listening to Craig trying to figure out a solution to something that I felt was not his problem.  He would look at me [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Ryan Clancy of Bounce Milwaukee

Ryan Clancy of Bounce Milwaukee
Check out this great interview with Ryan Clancy of Bounce Milwaukee.  Ryan was a long time teacher in the Milwaukee Public Schools before becoming an entrepreneur.  Make sure to click on the link below to read the epic letter that Ryan wrote to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker after Walker congratulated Ryan on the award Bounce Milwaukee received for being a great place to work.  If you've followed education in Wisconsin at all in the last few years you know that Scott Walker knows nothing about how to treat employees or how to create a great place to [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Tammy Laughner of Vimme Learning

I'm very pleased to have Tammy Laughner of Vimme Learning as the focus of this week's Teacher Entrepreneur Profile.  As an educator with 30 years experience Tammy has seen many initiatives come and go.  With Vimme Learning Tammy has taken the best of what she has learned and created a robust online learning platform that empowers students to build a strong academic foundation.
Tammy Laughner of Vimme Learning


Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Renee Rupp of Norwex

This week we've got a great interview with Renee Rupp of Norwex.  Renee started using Norwex products as a solution to a problem in her home and became such a believer in the product that she decided to become a Norwex consultant.  Check out the interview to find out how her experiences in education helped her be a better entrepreneur.  Check out her website to learn more.

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Rebecca Walker of Trades of Hope

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Rebecca Walker of Trades of Hope
This is a great interview with Teacher Entrepreneur Rebecca Walker. Rebecca is a compassion entrepreneur with Trades of Hope. She shares her experiences in education and in business as well as the outstanding mission of Trades of Hope. For more info check out her website

TE Tips: Businesses Who Give Back

Businesses Who Give Back

In today’s Tip I want to highlight a couple of businesses who give back.  A couple of weeks ago Julie Rupp of ACN was the focus of a Teacher Entrepreneur Profile.  During the interview she mentioned that ACN partners with Project Feeding Kids.

As educators we are all too familiar with the issue of childhood hunger.  According to ACN’s website  “Each time someone becomes an ACN customer, a child gets a meal. And every month when that customer pays their select monthly service bills another child gets meal.”

I’m not here as a spokesperson for ACN but they do [...]

Teacher Entrepreneur Profile: Teresa Crow of Imagineinglass.com

This week's Teacher Entrepreneur Profile is Teresa Crow of Imagineinglass.com.  Teresa is a long time educator who has turned her love for stained glass into a significant enterprise.  Check out the video as she shares her experiences in education and as an entrepreneur.  Be sure to check out her website.