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Helpful information and resources about starting and running a Teacher Owned Business, managing time and resources as well as Teacher Entrepreneur Profiles.

View business directories of Teacher Owned Businesses, Support Staff Owned Businesses and Professional and Fnancial Services at our new, dedicated business directory website


Why You Need An IEP

This video is a fun introduction to business planning.  I know this can be an intimidating topic but we're going to simplify it for you. …
Pic of card that says Thank You Teachers

Thank You!

I want to use today's post to encourage you.  I know it's a tough time of year.  Everyone is restless, short on patience and just…

Why You Need To Read This Post

Today I want to give you an idea of where things are headed this spring.  We've got some exciting things on the horizon.  I have…

What To Expect

As we pick back up where we left off I want you to have an idea what to expect from the blog and the website. …


Dave Stinson

What an excellent idea! is a great resource to connect with other education professionals looking to hire or offer services in my area. Whenever possible, my wife and I try to utilize businesses run by teachers for projects we can’t do ourselves. Now we have a place to find those businesses.

Mark Cockroft

ENHS and owner Fort Wayne Storage, LLC

As an educator for 30 years and an entrepreneur for 19 years, I look forward to meeting and sharing information with other teacher/entrepreneurs.

Lindsay Sloan

What a great opportunity to network with other educators. It seems like so many people are working against educators right now. What a great way for educators to be able to work together and support each other.