While Teacher Entrepreneurship is not a new idea, there is surprisingly little information available about Teacher Entrepreneurs and Teacher Owned Businesses. It is our goal to become the world’s leading resource on the topic of Teacher Entrepreneurship. Following are a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may provide some insight into what we do and why we do what we do. If your question is not answered here, please contact us at Questions@TeacherEntrepreneur.com and we will do our best to answer your question.

What is a Teacher Entrepreneur?

A Teacher Entrepreneur is a Teacher who owns and operates a small business.

What do you do with my personal information?

Nothing. We collect your information only for the purposes of verifying that you are or were a licensed teacher.

Why is membership only available to Educators?

Good question. There are several reasons. We feel very strongly about this, so please be patient while we explain. We’ll try not to get on a soap box!

  1. We are Teachers and we believe that Teachers are the unsung heroes of modern life.
  2. We are Entrepreneurs and we believe strongly in Entrepreneurship.
  3. We know many Teachers who have benefitted greatly from being Entrepreneurs.
  4. We believe many more Teachers could benefit from being Entrepreneurs AND we want to provide an avenue through which that can happen.
  5. We believe there is a mutual respect among Teachers that does not exist in most other professions.
  6. We believe the relationship between Teacher Entrepreneurs and fellow teachers can be mutually beneficial. Teachers could utilize and support the businesses of Teacher Entrepreneurs and Teacher Entrepreneurs could offer discounts to fellow Teachers. Both parties know that they are dealing with a fellow teacher and capitalize on the mutual respect that exists among Teachers. It’s a Win/Win situation.
  7. The products for sale and advertising opportunities we have for Teachers are offered far below the market rate and we wanted to make them available only to Teachers because we believe in what Teachers do.
  8. We wanted to create a place where Teachers could learn about Entrepreneurship from the perspective of fellow Teachers and give them the opportunity to support each other’s businesses.

What is the Teacher Owned Business Directory?

It is a national directory of Teacher Owned Businesses and it can be searched geographically or by industry. It is our vision to create the nation’s largest database of Teacher Owned Businesses and make that database available to other teachers. If you are a teacher that needs your yard landscaped, house painted, nails done, clothing embroidered, or any of a host of other services, hire a Teacher Owned Business. There are teachers in this country engaged in almost any type of business that you could imagine. Our hope is that teachers will search our database first and support the business of a fellow teacher.

What is the Support Staff Owned Business Directory?

Support staff provide such valuable services to the educational community. They are the instructional assistants, cafeteria workers, secretaries, bus drivers, custodians, etc that work diligently in our schools every day to ensure that students have the best possible experience at school. Because we value them, we wanted to provide a place for them to advertise their businesses as well. The Support Staff Owned Business Directory a national directory of Support Staff Owned Businesses and it can be searched geographically or by industry.

What is the Professional and Financial Services Directory?

Professional and Financial Services Business are businesses that provide services to individuals and business owners that could be useful in the growth and development of wealth or in the growth and development of a business. Examples of such businesses are banks, attorneys, accountants, retirement and financial planners, graphic designers, web designers etc.