Welcome to the TeacherEntrepreneur.com Blog.

My blog is full of Tips and Information to help you become a successful Teacher Entrepreneur.  It also contains regular profiles of successful Teacher Entrepreneurs.  These profiles are designed to inspire you. They should also motivate you to start a new business or improve your current business.  Anyone is welcome to leave feedback by clicking on the link at the end of each post.

How TeacherEntrepreneur.com Began

Thank you for visiting the blog of TeacherEntrepreneur.com. I am Craig Sloan, the sites founder. I am a Teacher Entrepreneur, which is simply a Teacher who is a small business owner. I have spent the last 15 years as a teacher and administrator in the public schools of Northeast Indiana. I have also spent the last 9 years engaged in a number of business ventures, most notably the ownership and operation of a rental property business that has grown from 4 units to 75 units during that time. I am not unique. There are Teacher Entrepreneurs in virtually every school in the United States and they are involved in almost every business you could imagine.

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