Glad To Be Back!

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After an absence of several months I’m back to blogging and working to provide you with quality content.  I apologize for the absence.  To be honest, I was frustrated at my lack of progress.  I just couldn’t face my computer another day.  So much time and energy was being spent blogging, creating content for the site and trying to learn social media that I just got burned out.

As I was getting burned out on blogging and posting content my property management business grew.  It was easy to use that as an excuse to spend more time working on it and less time working on my website.  The shift in focus was easy to rationalize.
I know what I’m doing in property management.  Blogging and growing a website is another story.  I constantly felt like I was wasting my time.  Slowly, I drifted away from the site and immersed myself in the property management.  It’s not nearly as fulfilling but I told myself that it paid the bills so that is where I needed to spend my time.


What I’ve Learned

I got burned out because I had the wrong approach.  I said I was serving you but as I look back now I was only serving me.  The site was started to help Teacher Entrepreneurs and aspiring Teacher Entrepreneurs and that’s not what I was doing.  My thoughts were about how I could be making money instead of how I could be helping you.


Thank You!

Thanks to those of you that have reached out to me and asked for more content.  I was thinking of shutting down the site and thinking it really didn’t matter.  You’ve shown me otherwise.  I can make a difference with this site.
Please don’t think this is a poor me post.  It isn’t.  I just felt like I needed to explain to you where I have been and that I’m back now, with a better focus and renewed passion.  I know I don’t have it all figured out but I’m excited to continue learning with and from you.
Please let me know if there are specific topics or specific skills you would like me to address.  If it’s not something I know well, we can learn about it together.  Please let me know how I can be most helpful to you as you pursue your entrepreneurial ventures.  Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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