Guest Post: What It’s Like To Be Married To A Teacher Entrepreneur

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Lindsay-SloanToday’s post is a guest post from my wife Lindsay.

have been asked, “What’s it like to be married to a Teacher Entrepreneur?” I was trying to capture the experience with a word, so I thought back to early in our marriage when Craig was emerging as an entrepreneur.

Craig’s mind is always working.  He is questioning constantly and on a quest to learn more.  Our conversations would always start out normal, but then before long I would be listening to Craig trying to figure out a solution to something that I felt was not his problem.  He would look at me and ask me what I thought.  My thoughts were, “Why can’t you just be ordinary?”

I soon learned that the questions will not disappear.  If they are not addressed, the questions will grow and Craig will become very restless.  I knew that Craig would need to act.  His ambitions needed a chance.  I learned to let him explore his ideas.  I tried to be the sounding board that he was looking for (to the best of my ability).  Now when he would look at me and ask me what I thought, my thoughts were, “Why do you want to do so much extra?”

So fast forward through the books on cd, the how to books from the library, the trial and error experiences, late nights and very early mornings and the word that captures the experience is extraordinary.   I would have to say being married to a teacher entrepreneur is … extraordinary… and I would not trade it for anything.

I would like to thank my beautiful bride for contributing this guest post.  On a personal note.  This Thursday will mark our 15th wedding anniversary.  It doesn’t seem possible that it could be that long.  Being married to her has definitely been an extraordinary experience!  During the journey she even became a Teacher Entrepreneur.  Check out her site for Stella & Dot Jewelry here.


  • Ramonda says:

    You hit the nail on the head Lindsey! Happy 15th anniversary! So glad for you both! Anita & I were there as flowers! Lol! Life’s an adventure always enjoy the ride! Love you both!

  • Donna Sloan says:

    And in case anyone would like to know what it’s like to be the mother and mother-in-law of two teacher entrepreneurs, I can tell you unequivocally that it is fabulous! Both Lindsay and Craig are extraordinary people and I am learning from them all the time, both through actively seeking advice from them and through sitting back and observing. I could not be more proud of the people they’ve become.

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