Whether you are a brand new Teacher Entrepreneur or a veteran, you have come to the right place. I am the only business coach in the country that specializes in working with Teacher Entrepreneurs. As an educator for 15 years and a small business owner for 10 years I understand the demands of both worlds. I have seen education from different perspectives.  As a teacher and administrator and I have worked in schools K-12. I have also seen the business world from different perspectives as a business owner, independent contractor and investor.

I have been blessed with success in life as both a Teacher and Entrepreneur. I am offering coaching services to help you achieve the same level of success I have achieved. Success can be measured in a number of different ways. No matter how you measure success I am confident that I can help you achieve it.

I didn’t do anything miraculous to start or grow my business(s). I did four things that Teachers do every day.

  1. I created a plan
  2. I worked hard
  3. I treated others as I wanted to be treated
  4. I was financially conservative.

Through my coaching services I will show you how to take your teaching skills and apply them to a business setting. This is not difficult. It just takes the courage to act. If you do this, you can experience financial security and peace of mind that few people in education experience today.

I offer the following services

  • Life Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Start-Up coaching
  • Entity Formation
  • Goal Setting
  • Business plan reviews and editing
  • Financial Audits and Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • School/Business Integration

What Others Are Saying

“Craig was great! He met with me and gave me advice on setting up my business. He showed me how to do the paperwork for my LLC as well as how to get set up with the IRS. Craig made a very intimidating thing something that I was able to accomplish in a few minutes. Craig also gave me some insights that I had not even thought about. My wife and I are off and running with our new business!”
– Tim Becker

“We appreciate very much Craig sitting down with us to get “Dwelling in History,” our new business, kick-started…Craig gave us useful information, including what kind of help we’d be needing with bookkeeping and taxes…Since we met with him, we have…created a business plan, applied for and received a loan for equipment.”
– Lowell & Margaret Griffin


I was an educator for 15 years. My wife is a teacher. I understand the financial constraints of educators. My goal is to help you be successful. My fees are affordable and far less than you would expect from most business coaches. My hope is that you will join our network of Teacher Entrepreneurs and that we can facilitate a national network of educators supporting each other. Please contact me for a quote based on your individual needs.