Pic of a gritty girl rock climbing.

As an educator you understand what it takes to get the job done, in your classroom and in your business.  I recently finished Tony Dungy’s book Quiet Strength.  One of the lessons in the book really resonated with me because it reminded me of you, of your determination and commitment.  It made me think how similar your determination is to that of professional athletes trying to win a championship.

At one point Coach Dungy was committed to turning around a struggling football program and he did it by fostering determination in his players through a commitment to three ideals.

Those ideals were:

  1. Do what we do.

Be committed to your mission and vision.  Have a plan, don’t get rattled by external pressures or distractions that arise.  Have a plan, know the plan, follow the plan.  Have determination!

  1. Whatever it takes

There will be adversity, hard times, and unexpected disappointments.  Find a way to get the job done despite obstacles that arise.  You do this every day.  You’re a master at it!  Keep doing it.  You can win the battles and the war!  Whatever it takes moments aren’t always fun at the time, but they build character and make for great stories down the road.  Have determination!

  1. No excuses, no explanations.

This goes along with whatever it takes.  As a Teacher Entrepreneur the buck stops with you, both in the classroom and in your business.   Don’t ever start making excuses.  Once you start it’s hard to stop because you have allowed yourself to accept lower standards.  Have determination!

For more lessons from Coach Dungy see http://coachdungy.com/

I’m sure there is nothing in this post that you haven’t heard before but sometimes it is just good to have a reminder.  Use the comments section to share your “whatever it takes stories” from your classroom and your business.

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