Embrace The Discomfort

Picture of a child showing discomfort

I recently read The Excellence Habit: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference.  One of the insights I have gained from the book is how often discomfort keeps us from moving toward our dreams.  Achieving our dreams requires growth, and growth is often uncomfortable, so we choose comfort over our dreams.  This may not be a conscious choice but it is a choice that we make.

Author Vlad Zachary gives some inspiring examples of people who embraced discomfort in pursuit of their dreams.  Their examples made me realize how many times I have chosen the easy path, forsaking my dreams for the comfort of some known activity.  I thought about the times I had sacrificed my dreams, for the sake of comfort.  The times I read one more book instead of taking action, or the times I did meaningless paperwork instead of writing from the heart and putting myself out there.  It is easy to convince ourselves that we are being productive when the reality is that we are just being comfortable.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of Zachary’s book; it is both inspiring and practical.  It can help you cultivate a habit of excellence.  That habit can then move you closer to your dreams.  It will help you realize that discomfort is part of the process and it will make you believe that your dreams are achievable if you are willing to endure the discomfort.

I challenge you to commit to an activity that you have been putting off because it is uncomfortable.  I challenge you to embrace the discomfort in pursuit of your dreams.  You are worth it, and your dreams are worth it.

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