Thankful For Great Educators!

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As our nation pauses this week to consider Thanksgiving, I would like to take a moment to recognize the many great educators I am thankful for.  I can’t possibly mention them all by name, so I will group them by characteristics.  If you are an educator, I’m sure you know many of these people as well.  Please take a moment this week to send them a note to let them know they are appreciated.

I am thankful for:

  • Passionate educators who rally in support of public education #redfored!
  • Great educators that work with my children every day.
  • My wife, who is an outstanding Educator!  She improves the lives of her students and betters our community every day.
  • Devoted educators that do battle every day, working behind the scenes to keep our schools safe.
  • Disciplined educators that work long hours to create great lessons for their students and our future leaders.
  • Generous educators who provide food and clothes to the students that do not receive them at home.
  • Caring educators that support angel trees and buy Christmas presents for students in their schools who would otherwise have none.
  • Understanding educators that provide dresses/shoes/suits/ties to students, so they can proudly attend banquets/prom/graduation.
  • Selfless educators that spend time before school, after school and during their lunch break tutoring struggling students.
  • Committed educators that sponsor clubs that allow students to explore a new skill or activity.
  • Devoted educators that partner with groups such as FCA, YFC or Young Life that impact the lives of students for eternity.
  • Compassionate educators that facilitate support groups for students struggling with a variety of issues.
  • Committed educators who spend their own money so their students and classrooms have the supplies the school district doesn’t provide.
  • Dedicated educators that give their nights and weekends to develop young men and women through athletics.
  • Devoted educators that give enormous amounts of time to shape young lives through the fine arts.
  • Empathetic educators that resolve conflict, provide support and share resources with many students.
  • Faithful bus drivers that keep our kids safe on the roads.
  • Committed support staff that feed our students, bandage their wounds, and support their instruction.

Thanks to all the great educators of America!  You are the true heroes of our Nation!

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