Pic of card that says Thank You Teachers

I want to use today’s post to encourage you.  I know it’s a tough time of year.  Everyone is restless, short on patience and just hanging on until spring break.  This post is my thank you letter to you.  Please share it to encourage as many of your colleagues as possible.

Thank You!

Thank you for going to school every day to make a difference in the lives of students!  Thank you for the countless hours you spend in the evening, on weekends and during summer break.  Thank you for going to their games, their concerts and their performances…for making sure they have a warm coat, a happy birthday and food for the weekend.

Somehow it has become your responsibility to ensure your students are clothed, fed and provided for.  You haven’t asked for this responsibility, but you’ve accepted it because you care about “your kids.”  You care that they learn, they grow, and they are nurtured.

You do all of this despite being vilified in the media, disrespected by parents and talked down to by legislators.  When there is talk of the “Failure of American Schools” sadly, they blame you.  Politically, you are an easy target.  Easier than the parents, whose children you are feeding, clothing and nurturing.

I know the truth, and so do you.  You’re the reason for the success of our schools!  You take the children that are abused, neglected and without hope and you give them hope.  You help them see a brighter future and you give them the tools to succeed.  You are their heroes and you are mine.

I’m thankful every day that you touch the lives of my children, and that you touch the lives of children like mine across our great nation.  I know teaching is hard, very hard but you continue to do it and continue to make a difference.  Thank you for your perseverance!  Thank you for continuing to serve!

I became a teacher because of the impact that teachers had on my life.  Teachers like you, who go to school every day to serve and to lead the next generation.  Teachers who are committed to leaving the world a better place than they found it.

Thank you for making a difference!  Thank you for serving!  Thank you for leading!  You are truly an inspiration!

Craig Sloan

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