Transferable Skills


One way to help ensure the success of your business is by using skills you have already developed in other areas of your life. Transferable skills are skills that you already possess that can be utilized in another way. Transferable skills include “soft” skills or people skills as well as skills specific to a task or area of knowledge area.

Think of the abilities you possess that enable you to be successful in the classroom. Most teachers possess the following transferable skills to some degree. To the extent they have enabled you to be successful in the classroom; they can also enable you to be successful in business. As you read the list below, think about the level to which you possess these skills and how they could help you as the owner of a small business.

• Communication Skills
• Teamwork
• Time Management
• Problem Solving
• Organizational Skills
• Computer Skills
• Listening Skills
• Creativity
• Leadership

If you are a teacher, you probably make use of these transferable skills frequently if not daily: the ability to organize, manage your time, meet deadlines, present material, teach, and counsel are all a part of every teacher’s day. You likely exercise initiative and leadership daily. In addition to the above skills, you probably also possess common sense, dependability, integrity, interpersonal skills, oral communication skills, problem-solving abilities and evaluation skills. All of these abilities and traits will serve you well in the business world.

Write down your transferable skills and note how they have directly led to positive results in previous situations. This will give you more information to help you select the best business for you. Here are some examples to explore.

Writing Skills
In addition to all the ways you could start up a writing business, you could also use your writing skills within another type of business you start. For instance, you could create a blog with recipes and coupons to promote your pizza business or your catering business. You could write your own press releases and sales letters. Strong writing skills could be used in a variety of ways in the business world.

Public Speaking Skills
If you have public speaking abilities (which you likely do as a teacher), you have built-in promotional skills. With a little research, you will be able to find many places to promote your new business. Organizations are always looking for speakers, and radio stations have a constant need for people to interview. If your business is online, you can use your public speaking skills on a national level. Your next interview could be as close as your Skype address or YouTube.

Presentation Skills
Good presentation skills require more than just the ability to speak. You need to be able to connect with an audience, conduct research and organize the material in a logical and interesting way. Your new business could consist of creating presentations for others or even performing the presentations for them. If you choose to use your presentation skills within your own business, think of opportunities like trade shows, speaking opportunities to local business or networking groups or the chance to make a presentation to a service club. Good presentation skills will only enhance your opportunities for success in business.

Organization Skills
Your organization skills will help you to shine in any business. They will increase your productivity and decrease your stress, no matter what you do. From managing your budget to creating your sales plan, excellent organization will help you succeed.

Content Specific Knowledge and Skills
What do you know a lot about? What do you love doing? Would you like to do more of it? Whether it’s the subject you teach or a hobby, it could be your new business. Don’t take it for granted because it’s so easy for you. Everybody can’t do it, and they may be eager to pay you to do it for them.

If you have not considered how you could use your transferable skills to find success as a Teacher Entrepreneur, maybe today is the day!


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