What To Expect

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As we pick back up where we left off I want you to have an idea what to expect from the blog and the website.  The info on the site, particularly the videos will have a more casual feel.  Previously, I had tried to project an image that I thought would appeal to most teachers.  For the most part that is who I am…or I should say who I was.  That was my “school persona.” I now spend most of my days in a hoodie and jeans working on content creation, social media, networking or property management.  Much of what I’ve read about building an online platform talks about authenticity, so you’ll get the authentic hoodie wearing me in the videos and a more casual feel on the site.

Now On Instagram

Because creating inspiring and useful content for you is the goal, I’ve started a new stream of content on Instagram.  This content is called the “thought for the day.”  If you want to get your day started with a bit of inspiration or a challenging thought please join me on Instagram @CraigTheTeacherEntrepreneur.  The videos are posted at 5:01 a.m. to help you get your day started right.   If that time isn’t convenient, please watch them whenever is most convenient for you.  Click on the video below for a sample of the “thought for the day.”  I want to keep these brief videos relevant and inspiring for you, so please share what you would like to see in them.

Let’s Learn Together

In the past I have shared information from the perspective of me as the expert.  The more I learn the more I realize how much I have to learn.  In that light, my approach will now be that we are learning together.  Please contribute to the conversation by sharing what you’re learning or what you would like to learn.  If there are specific topics I can help you learn please reach out to me.  As a teacher you know that if you have a question someone else probably has the same one.  My goal is to build a community that we can all learn from.  Please join in and help us all learn together.

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