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By March 18, 2019 No Comments

Today I want to give you an idea of where things are headed this spring.  We’ve got some exciting things on the horizon.  I have a new video series that will be released in the next few weeks that will use some educational acronyms that you are already familiar with to teach you the steps to starting a business.  The video below is a little teaser for that.  The videos won’t all be as fun as this one but they will have some great content in them.  This video series is something I’ve thought of doing for a long time but have never made a priority.  I think it will be really helpful to you.

The next thing that I am excited about is starting a podcast.  I think that will be a great way to shine a light on your business and the businesses of other Teacher Entrepreneurs.  It will help us build community and learn from each other.

I would like also like to touch base with many of the people that have been featured in a Teacher Entrepreneur profile in the past and give you an update on their business.  I know life has changed for many of them so it won’t be possible to catch up with all of them but I would like to catch up with as many as possible.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to hear from you.  If you’re starting a business let me help you launch it.  If you are having a special promotion on a product or service let me help you promote it.  I’d be happy to share it through my social media pages or interview you on the podcast.  This will give us another way to build community and support each other.


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